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Founded on January 3rd, 2022 by businessman Isaac Mashman, Mashman Investments is a privately held investment firm headquartered out of Jacksonville, Florida that engages in acquisitions, equity ownership, and other financial contracts. Offering unique advantages, expertise, and guidance in varying areas makes partnering a multi-beneficial decision.

Our Founder

Isaac Mashman standing in his white Mashman Ventures hoodie with his back facing the skyline of Little Rock, Akansas

Isaac Mashman - Renowned for his contributions to the realms of Public Relations and Personal Branding, Isaac Mashman stands out as a multifaceted businessman, coffee addict, author, podcaster, speaker, and investor. In 2022, he expanded his professional sights by founding Mashman Investments. This entity is his dedicated business for acquisitions, equity ownership, and other financial contracts.

Our Investment Focus

Pre Seed and Seed

SaaS, PaaS, e-Learning, and other internet based businesses that are leveraging crowdfunding. Investment amounts vary.

Advisory Shares

For start-ups who want to emphasize founder and executive personal branding while also getting a head start in PR, we are accepting minimum 0.25% in advisory shares.

Domestically - Companies that are based in the United States are prioritized

International - We are open to internationally based companies that do not conflict with domestic interests

More Than A Dollar Amount

"I'm looking to partner with ambitious killers. People who don't want to settle and have fantastic ideas. Armed with my knowledge in personal branding and PR, we will be hitting milestone after milestone."

- Isaac Mashman

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